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Is luck on your side?

I'm Jinx, not Lucky, not Jinxy, not any of those little pet names. You may know me from the HIVE Academy or even from the HIVE Five, but frankly, I don't care. I'm not one of them anymore. I control bad luck, so I suggest staying on my good side, you wouldn't want to run into a patch of bad luck.

M!A: None

Occasional Face claim is Malese Jow.



Hey guys! So I thought I’d try my hand at a little giveaway! It’s not going to be much because I’m a poor slug halfway around the world with no talent.  Sorry.  But I wanted to do something both to wish you guys a happy new year and to thank all of you that are still following me for some strange reason.  

P.S. The jinx in my sad attempt of a graphic was done by dou hong.  He makes really great flinx art.  But, yeah.  Not mine.

So here goes with the rules and such:

  • Only reblogs count. It’s just easier this way.
  • This is meant as an appreciation thing for my followers, yes, however I feel weird making people follow me and plus I’d feel really bad if a bunch of people follow just for a little giveaway.  So you don’t have to be following.  But it’d be nice.
  • Roleplay blogs only.  I love every one of you that follows me but the prizes are geared to roleplay blogs because, as mentioned, I’m very limited.  It just so happens that what I can give out fits better with roleplay blogs.  Sorrysorry ;^;
  • This must hit 20 notes before it becomes active.   Probably won’t hit many more notes than that but it’s nice to have some people at least pretend to be interested, you know?
  • Giveaway ends January 20th.  If you’re a winner, you have a week to get in touch with me (I’m GMT+8 so this should hopefully help you to avoid any time zone miscalculations).

And now for the lovely prizes.  You could be lucky enough to win (note the sarcasm—I can’t do nice things I’msosorry ;^; ):

First Place

Two Winners

  • An in-depth promo once a week for a month.  (To see my promos, go here.)
  • 100 100x100 Reaction icons of your muse or a character of your choice.
  • drabble (about 1500 words) on a pairing or fandom of your choice.
  • My eternal love and sobs of joy because you follow me

Second Place

Three Winners

  • An in-depth promo every two weeks for a month.
  • 50 100x100 Reaction icons of your muse or a character of your choice
  • drabble (about 800 words) on a pairing or fandom of your choice.
  • My eternal love and sobs of joy because you follow me

Third Place

Four Winners

  • A link promo every two weeks for a month.
  • 25 100x100 Reaction images of your muse or a character of your choice
  • My eternal love and sobs of joy because you follow me

Everyone else

  • My eternal love and sobs of joy because you follow me

Some things to bear in mind:

  • I am moving to Hong Kong tomorrow.  I’ll be very busy this month with a new university in a new city going through orientation and the like.  It may take me awhile to get all of this done (read: I may move at a speed that’d put glaciers to shame).  I’m only human.  But I will get it done, I promise.
  • If yours is an OC (without a popular FC) or an obscure character, I may have to give you less icons than mentioned above.  Availability, you know?
  • Another note on availability—as mentioned, I am in China.  I am very limited with what I can do/find online.  There is a chance I may not be able to find your muse/character of choice.  Again, not much to be done about this but, if it happens, sorry in advance. :(  Know that I’ll try my best, though.
  • Also—if you pick a drabble in a fandom I’m not familiar with, I will try to find the show/book/movie and watch/read it to write your drabble.  If I do this, though, it’ll probably take longer to churn out.  (The drabble is also subject to the same conditions as above—if I can’t access the source material, I can’t do it and you’ll have to pick again.)
  • The fandoms I’m very familiar with are as follows:  Divergent, TheHunger Games (movies—read the books but it’s been awhile), Harry Potter, Teen Titans, Batman the Animated Series, Downton Abbey, Arrow, Kim Possible, Red Robin (the comics), Spider-Man (all of the movies), the Avengers (movie), Nolan!verse Batman, Young Justice (season one only but I can and will watch season two if needed), X-Men (movies) and X-Men: Evolution.  (Probably more that I’m forgetting now—just message me if you want something not on this list.)
  • I really want to start watching Under the Red Hood and BBC’s Sherlock so, hopefully, I’ll get to those before the contest is done.  

That’s it!  Happy reblogging and all that and, once again, thank you so so much for even following you silly, silly people. ^^;


Using only 5 words, make my muse:

  • Smile
  • Cry
  • Laugh
  • Angry
  • Irritated
  • Love you
  • Trust you
  • Hate you
  • or
  • Fear you


I think it says something that this got three likes on facebook but over 15,000 notes on tumblr.

Go on anon and make my character feel uncomfortable




- tell them disturbing stories
- recite a dirty joke or raunchy poem
- reveal a strange fantasy
- gross them out
- engage one of their fears

…You have the mun’s exclusive approval to make my character hate you.

Mod: Eheheheheh.

Shadow: God fucking damnit, Mod!!!

X: ” what now? All that just sounds like my last few moments as a sane person.”


Garnet Parure




Yeah yeah.

What are you, a singer?